Mr. Roy M. Mathew

Mr. Roy M. Mathew, Chairman of Mini Muthoottu Group of Companies and son of Mr. M. Mathew Muthoottu, started his career by helping his father in his business.
Along with his father, Mr. Roy M. Mathew steered the group into further heights of performance. Mr. Roy M. Mathew, holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship Development from the Open International University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a Master’s degree in Commerce from Commercial University, Delhi.
Under Mr Roy M Mathew’s vision and strength, the Mini Muthoottu group has seen growth from a small chit –fund and gold finance to farmers, traders and needy households, to a Financing Enterprise with an impeccable loan portfolio spread across several states.
Mr Roy M. Mathew is a person known for his simplicity and hard work. Even when steering into new heights of entrepreneurship glory, he stood to his ground and followed a simple and humble life style.
He is a person who always wish to experiment new ideas and undertake new verticals of activities. He spread his presence into different fields through the sister concerns, Muthoottu Mini Theatres Pvt Ltd and Muthoottu Mini Hotels Pvt Ltd.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he always exhibited interest in sports like Cricket and badminton. He served as president of Pathanamthitta Cricket association and as Patron of badminton Association of Pathanamthitta, Volleyball Association of Pathanamthitta and Basketball Association of Pathanamthitta. He was the State President and National Vice-President of Kurash Association also. He was always eager to extend his patronage for budding sports persons and found happiness in motivating youngsters to achieve heights in sports.
He finds pleasure in helping the needy ones directly and through various charity organisations and religious groupings.
His Activeness and enthusiasm always encourage new age entrepreneurs.