Managing Director

Mr. Roy M. Mathew

Mr. Roy M. Mathew, son of Mr. M. Mathew Muthoottu, began his career by helping his father in his business and was instrumental in steering the group into further heights of performance. Mr. Roy M. Mathew holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship Development from the Open International University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a Master’s degree in Commerce from Commercial University, Delhi.

MD’s Message
Dear Patron,

Mini Muthoottu Nidhi (Kerala) Limited, part of the Muthoottu group, based at Kozhenchery, Pathanamthitta, was established by Sri M Mathew. And since its inception, the Muthoottu group has always been different – ahead of times, fighting odds, taking on the seemingly high and mighty, and winning, silently and steadily.

From its very humble beginning, with small time financing and chit fund business, the group has seen diversified growth into various private sector undertakings like finance, insurance distribution, entertainment, IT sector, agro plantations etc. And today the group is actively relied upon in the private banking regions throughout Kerala.

Mini Muthoottu group has been able to mobilize large amount of deposits from the public, especially the pensioners and the retired hands, over the last five decades. And as an active player in the finance and banking sector Mini Muthoottu Nidhi Kerala Limited also offers loan facilities under various schemes like education, pension, marriage, agriculture etc.

Today with a strong team of highly motivated staffs, the group has a dominant presence in the state’s financial sector.

As time goes by, new developments will ensure a strong commitment, professionalism, integrity and dedication to customer service, for a brighter future of the company.

Thanks and God bless,

Roy M Mathew,
Managing Director