Sri M Mathew

Our founder, Mr. M. Mathew Muthoottu was born in the renowned Muthoottu family on 09th October 1921 at Kozhencherry. Mr.M.Mathew Muthoottu was the third son of Mr.Muthoottu Kunjumathai & Mrs. Saramma.. After his education, Mr.Mathew joined his father’s Chit fund business.

In the course of time, the brothers took over and started expanding the business. With their youthful vision and combined strength it soon flourished. The brothers established the Chit Fund business, providing loans to farmers and traders and needy households. They specialized in providing gold loans and advances to small enterprises and individuals.

MINI MUTHOOTTU MUTUAL FUNDS was established in the year 1986. The name was later changed to MINI MUTHOOTTU NIDHI (KERALA) LIMITED, in the year 2002. From its humble beginning, with small time financing and chit fund business, the Company had enough and more seeds sown for expansion and diversification in the times to come.